Greetings and welcome to the Mind Body Soul Healing webpage. Our organization is dedicated to helping individuals and communities through a holistic approach to the healing process that considers physical, psychological and spiritual well being as well as sustainable living within our environment to be inseparable components that form the foundation of true health and wellness. It is our belief that this principle can be applied on a personal, local and global level to create long lasting peace and harmony in the lives of individuals and in our communities at large. Mind Body Soul Healing draws upon ancient healing techniques and teachings as well as modern knowledge and science to support clients on their personal journey to health and well being and we work within our communities and along side other organizations around the world to spread this knowledge and awareness, to teach these practices to others and to support the evolution of consciousness on this beautiful planet we call home. Our approach is to cultivate a balance between the trinity of mind body and soul within individuals using holistic medicine and a trinity between humans, nature and the cosmos through spiritual permaculture principles. By creating healthy people internally, and a healthy environment externally we believe that humanity has a real chance at a bright future.

The Mind Body Soul Connection

An integral element of our mission is our understanding of the trinity of mind, body, and soul. Various different traditions all speak of this trinity in different ways. We will describe it here as the three bodies. The soul or consciousness of a being is seen as the source of their experience as well as the experiencer, this stream of consciousness has various bodies attached to it that help it function in the varied experiences of creation and manifestation. These three bodies are the causal body which is the mind and the storehouse of all the thoughts, mental functions and emotions, the astral body which is the generator of sense perceptions and the storehouse of life force and elemental energy and the physical body which is the vehicle for exploring the physical level of creation and could be seen as the pinnacle of the soul's expression of individuality. There are many systems of medicine and healing, many ways to approach the healing process. Our goal is to use all the resources and practices available to help our clients on all levels; mind, body and soul.

Permaculture Design And Bio Remediation

All living beings are deeply effected by the environment they live in and all living beings effect the environment as well. For many thousands of years human beings have gone against the flow of nature, separating themselves further and further from the natural world. But try as we might human beings are inseparable from nature and the ways in which we have grown apart from the natural world have caused us a great deal of harm and wreaked havoc upon all life on the planet. Permaculture offers a real solution to all of these problems, and through the approach of permaculture landscaping and bio-remediation we have the power to heal the environment while we heal humanity. By working in harmony with nature, establishing protocols that give back to the environment while empowering individuals to grow their own food and tend to the earth and all creatures we can reverse the damage we have done, and far exceed the limitations we have set upon ourselves by working against nature. By living harmoniously in nature we can let nature do most of the work for us, and the work that we do helps nature do its work instead of harming it. Permaculture is not a rejection of human evolution or science as some might think, not throwing out any of the lessons we have learned, but re-inventing our practices and our technologies to fit into a holistic paradigm.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist a process we see happening naturally; the evolution of life on planet earth. We believe that without holistic medicine we cannot have a permanent sustainable culture, and without practice that support a sustainable permanent culture we cannot have holistic wellness. The inner worlds of our minds bodies and souls and the outer world of communities, cities and wilderness are the microcosmic and microcosmic aspects of consciousness, or the self. Our goal is to cultivate this awareness, to support other holistic organizations, to educate, empower and serve the process of perfection and evolution that we see happening in the world. We believe this is not only possible, but inevitable, and there is great hope for humanity and planet earth where many would project only ruin and destruction in our future. Science has shown us that anything humans put their minds towards can be possible, both miraculous and abominable creations can be achieved through science, and nature has shown us that the life thrives, all life is prolific and nature is resilient beyond measure. Life will always find a way and if we find the balance between willpower and positive intention, between science, and nature, and between material and spiritual existence, we can create utopia. Heaven on earth is possible and this is our mission, to do everything we can to uplift the world and create heaven right here on this beautiful planet we all call home.

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