The Magical Mystical Miracle Tour

The start-date of this event has been pushed forward to 2020, when Mind Body Soul Healing plans to embark on a two year continental tour of healing in an effort to do the very best they can to change the world. Founding member, Arjan Namdev will be converting a school bus into a mobile arts/music/healing studio, and travelling the continent offering musical performances, yoga retreats, healing workshops and visiting permaculture communities across North America. This two year journey will also be the focus of a documentary film project following the tour and telling the stories of the lives of the beings they meet along the way.

In the future, we expect to be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help fund this amazing trip, and to begin reaching out to others to help make this vision of unity and love a reality. We are looking for all the cross pollination we can get and are eager to connect with the communities and people we will meet along the way. To become a part of this project contact our team and let us know how you and your communities might like to connect with us, whether it's one-on-one treatments while we travel, workshops in the healing arts, yoga classes, healing music concerts, dance music events, raw food and Ayurveda nutrition workshops, or for work/learning exchanges with your permaculture projects.

The overall goal is to create a powerful and inspirational documentary film, at least one musical collaborations album and a coffee-table book sized photo album of the tour. Can't wait to hear from you and to visit all the people who are going to help make this possible.

Namaste dear friends and many blessings!

Arjan, at Mind Body Soul Healing

To donate to this project follow our link below, and stay tuned for our crowdfunding campaign in the spring.