Empowerment Through The Chakras Healing Retreat

Empowerment Through the Chakras is a one of a kind experience for small groups, that takes place in breathtaking natural settings around the world. Participants in this very special Retreat will be guided, by a team of highly skilled alternative health care practitioners and yoga instructors, through a transformational journey through the 7 major chakras that represent all aspects of human experience.

Before we go too far, some of you may ask "what's a chakra anyway?" The word chakra comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language and means spinning wheel or vortex. In yoga philosophy we learn that we are much more than our physical body, and that we in fact have many bodies, consisting of the physical form, the emotions and senses, and the mind, and that these three bodies are actually the tripartite vessel that the immortal soul inhabits and uses to explore creation with. The chakras can be seen as multidimensional vortexes of energy and consciousness that bridge the gap between all of our bodies and connect us to the many aspects of our experience. On the physical level the chakras manifest within the body as the major nerve plexuses; within the astral body, as spinning vortexes of light and energy which direct our senses and govern our emotions; within the mental body as the thought patterns which govern our mind at various different levels. Needless to say, there is a vast body of theoretical and experiential knowledge to cover when it comes to the chakras that is far beyond the scope of this description, but rest assured, our participants will be immersed in the theory as well as practical aspects of the chakras during this Retreat.

Participants in this Retreat will enjoy days filled with healing Ayurvedic cuisine, yoga practice, nature walks, sacred sound and music, dance, group bonding exercises, laughter, singing, meditation and so much more. Everyone will learn their unique Ayurvedic constitution and how they can use Ayurvedic philosophy to adapt their diet and lifestyle to suit their personal needs. Each day we will explore one of the major chakras in great depth, moving from root through to crown. We will share with one another and grow together in this very unique experience of personal discovery and transformation. Empowerment Through the Chakras is truly a one of a kind experience designed to empower individuals in every aspect of their lives. It is also a training program for the healing arts which will help each of the participants take the experience they have had and apply it in the outside world to help transform the planet into a place of peace, love, unity and joy for all beings.

A closer look at some of the exercises we will be sharing:

  • Daily meditations and satsangs
  • Nature walks
  • Yoga Asana practice
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Thai Yoga Massage treatments
  • Sacred sound healing
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Sacred Fire Ceremonies
  • Art Therapy
  • Personal Journaling
  • Delicious and Nutritious Ayurvedic Food
  • Group Bonding Exercises
  • Pranayama
  • Swimming
  • Daily Chakra study sessions
  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Reiki Healing Sessions
  • Reiki energy healing attunement and training

This Retreat will be held at various different locations around the world.