Awakening The Creator With Yoga Tantra and Taoism

The ancient Eastern systems of knowledge and spiritual cultivation teach us that the sexual energy that brought each living creature into being is the very same energy which created the universe and all life. Yet in the past few thousand years many religions have vilified and corrupted this sacred and very natural part of life. Awakening the Creator is a workshop designed to help people reconnect with this sacred energy within their own bodies in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

The practices of Tantra, Yoga and Taoism honour this energy and teach us mindful ways in which to cultivate and save this energy for the purposes of spiritual evolution, and also teach us mindful ways in which to express our natural sexuality that are harmonious and beneficial to all beings. In a world filled with sexual shame and guilt, negative and unrealistic sexual imagery in the media and materialistic sex devoid of love, compassion and emotion, there has never been more need for a reawakening of the sacred creators in each of us. This workshop will explore Tantric breathwork, Yoga Mudras and Asanas, and Taoist energy cultivation exercises for the purposes of sexual healing and awakening, developing honest open relationships based on love and mutual growth, and beyond that, an expansion into all aspects of creative energy, as the root of all creativity lies in this primal energy. Needless to say, this is a great workshop for couples, but is also great for single people, celibate people who wish to direct this energy towards purely spiritual purposes, artists and musicians seeking higher levels of creative expression and anyone seeking healing within the sexual aspect of their lives. We want to emphasize that this workshop is all about safe space, mutual respect and love, and is an opportunity to share and grow towards a healthier collective expression of human sexuality worldwide. All levels of experience are welcome, whether you have never engaged in any sacred sexual cultivation practices, or if you have practised for a long time. All that's necessary is a curiosity about the creative power that lies within and a desire to use that power for the good of planet earth.