Mantras Mudras and Meditation

Mantras, Mudras and Meditation are all very important and powerful aspects of traditional Yoga practice, however so many of these jewels of the ancient system of Yoga have been all but forgotten in modern day life and through the westernization of Yoga practice which focuses primarily on Yoga Asana or postures. Yoga Asanas are important, but are merely the foundation upon which a solid self cultivation practice rests. This workshop is a look at some of the less emphasized gems that have been forgotten in this day and age and is an exercise in learning to incorporate these powerful tools into our regular Yoga practice to make Yoga the most it can be for each and every Yogi.

This workshop is great for those with no experience in any of these practices. For those who are already accustomed to some of these practices we recommend some of our more advanced workshops on specific practices for a more in depth exploration.