Group Sound Healing Journey

Our sound healing workshops are our most popular offering. Again and again people tell us what amazing transformations they experience through our sound healings, and we understand why… the power of sound is the same power by which everything in creation came into being, and by which it’s sustained and eventually dissolved. The power of sound and music to dissolve blockages, heal tissues, relax the mind and awaken the soul has been taught to us since the beginning. More recently, scientists have discovered that there is great truth in the teachings of ancient sages and gurus, who told us the universe is all emerging from the great sound of creation: the Aum, the word, or the name, as it is referred to in various religious traditions. Through the power of sacred sound and the utilization of restorative yoga postures to help our participants relax and drop into their parasympathetic nervous systems, great healing can be achieved. We use a variety of instruments from around the world: Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, medicine drums, digeridoos, sitars and tampuras from India, and the incredible power of the human voice and sacred mantras and bijas. This fusion of powerful instruments creates a rich and diverse journey filled with infinite potential for transformation.