The Incredible Power of Yoga Mudras

Perhaps one of the most overlooked and underrated aspects of Yoga science is the incredible power of Yoga Mudras! Yoga Mudras are hand gestures or "seals" that have extremely powerful benefits on the nervous system and thus the whole body and all its systems. By learning the various channels of energy that flow through the arms and legs, out the fingers and toes, we can begin to cultivate an understanding of the way energy moves through our bodies, and how we can effect those energy systems by utilizing Mudras to create feedback loops in our energy fields, thus creating extremely powerful results.

Almost everyone has seen Mudras being practiced before, from the stereotypical image of a buddha sitting in meditation with forefinger and thumb connected, to the everyday life examples, like holding your fingers in the peace sign, or perhaps a less harmonious Mudra often shown in pop culture. Mudras, however, are often given only a rudimentary explanation, and little to no deep exploration, in today's yoga classes, and that's why we created this wonderful workshop. When practiced more deeply and with concentration and awareness on the breath, Mudras can have miraculous healing results on the body, mind and soul. A yogi can even get the benefits of an entire asana practice without ever moving from a seated position.

This workshop will be an in-depth exploration of various different Mudras and how together they can be utilized to create a powerful and extremely far-reaching self healing practice, and the best thing of all is that Mudras can be practiced by almost anybody, regardless of age or physical abilities.