Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

This is a very special treatment program that includes various aspects of Yoga and Ayurveda to create an ongoing healing plan for individuals, based upon their Ayurvedic constitution and their individual needs. This program begins with an Ayurvedic consultation to determine the constitution and imbalances of an individual (referred to as Prakruti and Vikruti in Ayurveda). The client will work with our team and learn Yoga postures and sequences that will support their healing, Ayurvedic nutrition to support their constitution through diet, and Ayurvedic Yoga massage to help stabilize Doshic imbalances and remove energetic blockages.

The Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Program is an ongoing treatment plan, not a stand alone treatment. This option is suitable for those who wish to dedicate themselves to this type of healing and self care. The process begins with an initial consultation and our team will work with the client to establish a unique plan and budget that is appropriate.


Initial Consultation cost - $60.00

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy is offered At Mind Body Soul Healing's Toronto location. For an appointment call Mind Body Soul Healing at 647-570-6342 or send an email to us using the following link.