Spiritual Counselling

Spirituality is undoubtedly one of the greatest motivating factors in the world. On every continent, in every nation, across all classes, creeds and walks of life, spirituality is a common thread that connects us all, even if it may often seem to be a dividing line due to our various different forms of expressing our spirituality. Spiritual counselling gives special consideration to the spiritual needs of a client and to the various different forms of spiritual practice that exist in our world today. Through a compassionate and all inclusive view of spirituality we can help our brothers and sisters on the spiritual path find their way and find support when they need it. Often it is hard to find answers on the spiritual path and there are so many paths which lead us in meandering directions, thirsty for answers which we may have great trouble finding. Through spiritual counselling we can achieve great results in finding inner peace, overcoming grief, sadness, depression, or mental and emotional difficulties. We can find a sense of direction or inner peace and we can discover deeper layers of our selves. Spiritual counselling is for anyone who is a seeker after spiritual truths, regardless of class, creed or religion. If spirituality is important in your life and you are on the healing path, spiritual counselling is a great way to find support and guidance on your way to wellness.

Cost: $60.00/hr

Spiritual Counselling is offered At Mind Body Soul Healing's Toronto location. For an appointment call Mind Body Soul Healing at 647-570-6342, or send an email to us using the following link.