Iridology is the science and art of analyzing the fibers and markings in the iris of the eye to determine the state of the tissues in the various organs and systems of the body. Much like reflexology shows us there are reflex points in the hands and feet, the entire body is also reflected in the eyes. Iridology is actually quite a well-tested science and has been explored in great scientific detail for at least 100 years, and also has roots in cultures beyond its European origins. Through extensive examination of patients in hospitals, the iris has been charted with great accuracy and specific marks and signs have been proven with very great detail to correlate to specific conditions and predispositions. While iridology cannot tell us certain things for sure, it can definitely give us great clues into the state of the body and help us to ask the right questions and run the right kind of diagnostics for further answers. Quite often an iridology reading may be a very intuitive process, between the iridologist and client, that yields a lot of insight even without any further examination, as the iridologist often can clearly pinpoint things of which the patient may already have some awareness.

Although iridology cannot give us specific conditions, it is a very accurate diagnostic tool which can be used to determine the health of the tissues in the body. By examination, the iridologist can certainly see a very great and detailed profile of the health and predispositions of an individual, and help them through dietary and herbal medicines to develop a plan that suits their optimal health, or in the case of certain signs, advise the client towards further diagnostic tools or tests to determine more detailed information. Iridology is a great fast track in referring patients towards specialists should insights into the possible presence of specific conditions warrant specific inquiry by such specialized professionals.

Another great aspect of iridology is its use as a tool to chart the progress and changes along a person's healing journey. Since many marks in the irises change with time, we can look at how well a person is adapting to their treatment plan and fine tune their process for maximum results. It is as simple and easy as sitting comfortably in a chair while an iridologist examines the eyes with a magnifying glass and light, and takes a few photographs for records and for further deep analysis at larger magnification.

Treatment options include:

Overview Analysis - $20

This is a brief in-person visit in which the irises are examined using a magnifying glass. No pictures and no ongoing consultations are necessary here, although if the reading resonates with you and you wish to continue you can proceed with the other options.

Full Iris Analysis - $40

This analysis includes an in-person visit in which the irises are studied using a magnifying glass for initial examination. In addition, photographs are taken for deeper analysis by the iridologist in our Lab. There the iridologist can magnify your irises from 3 centimeters to 3 feet and get a very deep and detailed look at the iris. This is highly recommended as there are many things that may not be easily seen in an initial examination. This option includes a detailed description of the iridologist's findings. Additionally a record of all information, as well as iris images, are kept in our files for later examination. You can access this information at request any time you like and if it interests you, you can arrange for a follow-up analysis for $20.

Full Iridology Consultation - $80

This is the very best we have to offer. This option includes not only a full, in-person iridology reading and thorough, deeper analysis of photographs, but also a full ayurvedic constitution/diet assessment. Using iridology and other ayurvedic assessment techniques, we will determine the state of your bodily tissues, your unique iris genotype, and your unique ayurvedic constitution (known as prakriti). Iris charts are kept on file and detailed information is always available to you, as well as 1 free follow up consultation whenever you like. Also of great value is having our specialists working with you to analyze your diet and how it effects your personal constitution, as well as helping you design a program to balance your doshas (elemental predispositions), purify your body, and rejuvenate your tissues. This service includes any ayurvedic yoga therapy practices that may serve you and a full exploration with one of our specialists as to what other practices, treatments and dietary measures you might take to fully optimize your journey to greater health and well being.

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