Meditation is an ancient practice which has been found in almost every culture throughout human history. There are many different types of meditation and they all have their own unique aspects and benefits. Mind Body Soul Healing offers training in a wide range of meditation techniques from many traditions.

Meditation can seriously improve health and well being on a mental emotional and physical level, but these are all merely side effects of the true power and purpose of meditation; "self realization" or "God realization" is the ultimate goal and reward of meditation. This state can be reached with regular practice where an individual can merge with the source consciousness which is inherent in all things. This state has been called, Liberation, Moksha, Samadhi, Enlightenment and many other things.


Individual meditation coaching - $40 (suggested donation)
Group Meditation coaching - $20 (suggested donation)
Special meditation events - please Contact to plan an event or learn more.

Meditation Coaching is offered At Mind Body Soul Healing's Toronto location. For an appointment call Mind Body Soul Healing at 647-570-6342, or send an email to us using the following link.